What are the wrong foods for first dates?

Going on your first date, is nerve racking as it is! So why add potentially embarrassing moments, by reaching for the wrong foods or even drinks! Your first date should involve more activities, than just going to a restaurant or a bar!.

It's harder to screw up walking on the beach, going to the movies (leave out the snacks) or showing off one of your talents such as bowling, horse back riding, golfing, surfing and so on!

Remember that when you and your date have flashbacks on your first date, it shouldn't involve scenes of scarfing down food and unappealing menu selections! Or even worse, those dreadful moments when having to pick off left over foods stuck in your teeth with a fingernail, matchbook or a toothpick! What a complete turn-off!

But if you or your date insist on having lunch or dinner together as your first date, please pick and choose from more favorable, non-remnant food!

Stay away from leafy greens, corn on the cob and seeds!

Now, if you're on a diet and a salad has been on your menu for a while, you might consider cheating a bit! There's nothing more embarrassing than to have your pearly whites cluttered with leafy, clingy lettuce like spinach, mint or seaweed! Also think before you order a drink!

Take for example the tasty "Mojito" which has that built in freshener of little crushed mint leaves or the "Strawberry daquarri" with those little strawberry seeds! These can still travel up your straw and get stuck between your teeth which will for sure "not" look real attractive, especially if your date decides he or she, is way to embarrassed to say anything!

Also stay away from corn oa really messy food to eat and there's absolutely no way to avoid those tasty kernels, not to get lodged in your teeth! Plus all that butter and small pieces of corn allover the face, isn't the best look either! Not to mention the smeared lipstick, if your wearing some!

You also want to stay away form seeds like sesame and poppy seeds, since these can really lodge themselves hard between the teeth and be quite irritating, as well as tough to remove!

We all know that lobster, crab legs, unpeeled shrimp and clams are delicious to both suck on, pick at and eat! But you also know, they are quite difficult to consume in a graceful, "non-flying" way! Sending juices, pieces of shell and morsels of meat across the table, is almost unavoidable! Plus wearing that some what, unattractive bib together with a buttered up face, can be a complete turn-off... especially if your date is a vegetarian!

And when it comes to eating ribs, those can quickly turn you into a barbeque covered mess! Not to mention the bib, the moist towelettes and that pile of half eaten bones all around you! And after you're all done, that big pile of crunched up, stained paper napkins which remnants are still visible on your sticky face and fingers! No, no, absolutely not a great first impression on a first date!

No stinky food like garlic, onions, beans and ripe cheese either!

Ripe cheese might be to the cheese connoisseur, a great odor producing delight, but to a "not" so fancy cheese eater, it might smell like a pile of spoiled food! And choosing onion or garlic is an absolute no, no as well! There's nothing worse than being the receiver of a close up whisper or a peck on the cheek, with that offensive smell on your breath! And beans might bring on doubly offensive, whammies! First they can easily get stuck on your teeth! Secondly, they might sooner than you think, turn into a musical fruit which can be hard to hold in and then cause some highly embarrassing noises as well as unpleasant smells!

Be careful if your date is a vegetarian!

If you haven't dated or know other vegetarians, there's always a great idea to be sensitive to their feelings! A vegetarian might not flip out over you having a nice, juicy hamburger or a nice chicken sandwich! But ordering baby back rips, lamb chops or even, young tender veal, might be a total slap in the face and come across as real insensitive to a non-meat eater! So, always try to be understanding and extra sensitive to other peoples choices in life, when it comes to their eating habits!

It's important to pick the right place too!

We all want to impress our first date with something fancy, original and totally in! But trust me, it's so much better to pick a place that caters to more ordinary folks! If you haven't inquired about your dates food allergies, sensitive stomachs and restricted diets... going to a ethnic or exotic restaurant, might turn your first date into a complete disaster! Also remember that eating with a regular fork and knife, even though eating with your fingers can be very sexy... is both easier and more convienent! There will be plenty of other times, for seductive behavior like that later on! Instead, choose a place where they serve a little of everything, to be on the safe side! Well, there's of course no guarantees that even if you have great table manners, you'll be looking at a second date! But I gurantee you... it has for sure upped your chances by a whole lot!