20 Things To Do Together At Home

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There comes a time in every relationship where staying in is the best place to go out. Or perhaps it’s just a very dreary day and lethargy has set in. How do you make the most of time spent together hanging around the house? Check out what we’ve come up with:

· Classic: Rent a romantic movie or watch TV

· Classic: Cook a meal together

· Watch old home videos, especially from childhood

· Everyone’s a collector: Rummage through drawers and closets for old papers, documents and trinkets

· Have a juice party: using a blender and an exotic collection of foods, mix your own drinks!

· If it’s nice outside, plant a flower in your backyard or wash a car

· Look at old pictures

· Bake cookies together – enjoy them with hot cocoa if it’s a cold day outside

· Go through your CD collection and make a mix

· Have a pillow fight

· Play a board game or a card game together

· Do the crossword or jumble in the newspaper.

· Play a video game against each other – on computer or game consol.

· If you have a musical instrument like a guitar or piano, play favourite songs or learn how to play them

· Have an Internet Café Date!

· Paint – pictures with watercolours, or redecorate and paint a room!

· Clean up a room or wash the dishes together

· Do laundry together

· Take a walk around the neighbourhood and tell stories about the people on your street.

· Depending on whose house you are in, have a fashion show with old clothes hanging in you/your date’s closet!