Profile Standouts...

Make your profile stand out, make sure it's funny but not overly comedic. But most importantly be yourself.


*life's a journey not a destination

*Life is to short to drink cheap ...

*hey, ya never know?

* Simply complicated

* Looking for that missing part

(you gotta feel for this guy)

* Man Meets Mate, Hell Freezes Over

* I'm a Good Kind of Bad Boy

* Take the risk. I'm guaranteed

* NO married guys please

* Danger, Will Robinson!


* good catch seeks fisherman


* worth a try

* clever headline pending

* Would you go down with me? (scuba diver)

* the dog ate my headline

* goodness is only a click away

* Go Big or Go Home

* I Want the Fairytale

* No shirt, no shoes, no problem

Profile Glimpses...

* beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way down.

* if you don't dress like the Victoria 's Secret girls, don't expect us to act like soap opera guys

* I'm a sheep in wolves clothing.

* I'm fat and ugly, lazy and worthless. Looking for Playboy Bunny with munny and fast car.

* Well, first off, all of you ladies looking for Tall, Muscular, and Handsome, you can stop reading and move on.

* I would give all the money I had to have that special someone

* Honesty is not the best policy - it's the only policy.

* Whoever REALLY met their Soulmate in a laundromat

* Hey whats up i I am 6-3 225 all muscle, 6 pack.

* GAYS OR TRANSEXUALS... DON'T LOOK THIS WAY!!! Now that I've said that, I'm just letting the disfunctional people know where I'm coming from.

* Cute, smart, funny and I'm not a stalker what else do you want? lol.

* Don't fear the wedding pics. I still have the dress but not the man.