Proposal Guide

Cupid Match

Proposing is an event, and events should be something that a couple can look back upon together, tell others and, quite frankly, should be a good story. The following is a list of collected creative proposal ideas.

Unfortunately, due the nature of creativity, by virtue of the fact that they have already been performed and listed here, they are no longer original! If you decide to use any of the below, be sure that your “proposee” has not seen this page!

1. At her favourite restaurant, have the ring planted in her food beforehand.

2. Have the ring frozen in an ice cube and served in her drink.

3. Buy her a set of nice gloves and place the ring on the ring finger before wrapping the gift.

4. Rent a billboard to drive past or an ad in a movie theatre that runs ads before the movie begins.

5. Have a radio morning show announce your proposal (and play a nice song too!)

6. Go out for Chinese food and plant a proposal in the fortune cookie.

7. Have a friend dress as cop (or if you can find a real one) to pull you over and threaten to ticket you unless you accept his proposal (if real cop, ask to be "arrested" together and propose in jail!).

8. Classic Proposal: Return to a romantic date place you went to at the beginning of your courtship and plant the ring or your names etched in a heart on a tree.

9. Walk through a City fair or Theme park and buy a balloon with the ring planted in it. In a seclude place, ask her to pop it.

10. Elaborate: Create a scavenger hunt across the city with little gifts at each place/new clue until she finds you with the ring!