Finding the perfect match

Some people have this beauty about them that makes you want to lay down your life, dedicating yourself to making them smile then ensuring that smile never ever has the chance to fade. They radiate a love. A love that you need to have in your life in order to live it...

They say you don't always know when it's right, but you know when it isn't. How can wasting so much time on a single persons happiness be justified when it just falls apart in the end anyway?

I have been born with my Mothers curse. I am incapable of being in a healthy, two-way relationship so early in my seemingly dull life. I'm destined to be hurt by Mr Verywrongs. I'm a maggot magnet. There are lots of us, we walk among you.. We break things that you didn't know could be broken. We say the most ridiculas things and think its great.

We hurt ourselves constantly doing everyday things like checking the mail.. We have no people skills. We get into relationships that we truly believe are going to work out.. We spend half our lives stressing about the time between phone calls. Flowers. Sweet sentiments. We over analyse everything.

But how do we break the cycle? Realising that you don't have to settle. You don't have to waste yourself on someone who isn't right. As people, we change all the time. We learn, we grow. We change the way we think, what we want.

You're different to every single person on the face of the earth. If fighting makes the fire burn between you, fight like hell for what's important. You don't have to have the stereotypical need to spend every waking moment with your partner. You don't have to lose all feeling in your feet when you're presented with flowers.

Just, don't limit yourself to thinking you know what it takes to be completely at peace in someone's company. Don't shut out parts of yourself because you never took the time to explore them.

Every human emotion is just at strong as the rest. It's what fuels the tears, or pushes the laughter to the edge. Finding a balance between them all is what makes each person different. Killing your lover to truly own them, loving someone to the point where you would kill yourself just to prove it, taking away someone's dignity to strengthen your own.

Life experience... Do to others as you wish be done to you.. Think before you act.. It all means nothing without the pain. The devastation of death, the miracle of life. Finding the depth to comprehend and cope with each. The beauty of love, the destruction of hate. The contentment of understanding who you are.

They say every rose has it's thorns... As old and wise as you get, you're still going to slip up and prick your fingers on the thorns. Just, never lose the ability to appreciate that it's the attraction to the petals that makes you do it.

I think the trick to life is perception... - You're going to get hurt every now and then, you can only hope you never lose the incredible passion that fuels it.