What Men Want...

Most men really aren't looking for Pamela Anderson, and they don't really want their mom, either. What they say they want.....

Eye of the Beholder: What do guys think is sexy?

* Nice Eyes

* A Great Smile

* Self-Confidence

* Slender-Athletic Body is preferred, but surprisingly many men are open to 'a few extra pounds'

* Someone well-groomed (takes care of herself)

* Classy/sophisticated

* Independent (frequently requested)

* Honesty (frequently requested)

* Sense of Humor (frequently requested)

* Spontaneous and adventurous

* Sexy, but not blatantly so (passionate)

* Someone who will 'fit in' with his lifestyle (peers will judge him by his choice of woman)

* Affectionate (frequently requested)

* Religion was generally not a divisive factor, however smoking could cause immediate rejection.

* Older men often did not want more children (want someone to 'play' with)

* Someone without 'baggage'

* A 'lady'