Dating Tips and Online Dating Tips

Dating can be intimidating and sometimes frustrating, especially when many of us have had so many bad experiences with dating. Most of us are not lucky enough to meet that special someone their first time out in the dating scene, and are likely to have been rejected many times before or in a worst case scenario have had their hearts broken.

But I will assure you that dating is worth the time, effort and maybe even heart break in order to find a person that makes you feel special, a person that you can enjoy spending time with. Just because you don't meet that special someone on your first few dates does not mean that there is not someone out there for you. So keep trying and keep an open mind. Just to make you feel a little more comfortable with dating I am going to give you some tips that you can't go wrong with!

Preparing for your date

For starters, be confident in yourself and know what you want in life whether it is a job, or going to school and do not let anything get in the way of what you want. Most people want someone that is driven and has goals for themselves. Also when preparing for a date looking your best is always vital! It's like preparing for the first day at a new job, you want to impress your new boss by wearing nice clothing, showering and making sure that you are looking and feeling good.

When on a date, it's the same kind of thing but instead of impressing your boss you are trying to impress your date. So men this means no worn out jeans with holes that look like you have had them for fifty years, this goes for t-shirts too. If it doesn't look like you care for yourself how are people going to be convinced that you can care for them. Looking your best on a date may not be everything but it does help. Before going on the date make sure to figure out where and/or what you two are going to do on the date. This preparation shows your date that you were thinking about them beforehand. It also saves time trying to figure out what it is you want to do and leaves more time for getting to know each other.

Picking up your date

When it comes to picking up your date, guys please try not to be late, women are impatient and do not like waiting around for you to show up! Flowers are also a nice gesture and guys here is a hint women love them. Compliments are always good as well. Telling her she looks beautiful or something that reminds you of her will put a big smile on her face. This goes for you too ladies, men like compliments also. Plus it will show your date that you are paying attention to them, and want to be there with them.

When your on your date

While on your date, be your self do not try and act like someone you are not because lying to your date will never work, they will find out eventually and it won't work out even if there was potential for something more. Remember that dating is meant so you can get to know the other person and maybe find out if you are a good match. So asking questions and starting conversations about something that interests you are good ways to keep the conversation flowing. Listen to what your date is saying and get to know them for who they are and not what you imagined them to be. Also keep the conversation going and keep smiling it will make you and your date feel more comfortable and make for a calm environment.

Finally dating is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so enjoy the company of your date and always leave them wanting more. Humans are naturally curious creatures; if you know everything about your date from the first date what are you going to do on the second date? Leave them wanting to know more about you. But don't worry if it does not work out with that person. There are many other people that are available to date. So stay positive and keep trying, there is someone special out there for everyone!