Making Friends

If you are not looking for a date or a mate, friendship online abounds. One site I would recommend is Cupidsreviews On their main page I found more than 90 links to people who had set up and registered their own web page. Most simply wanted to share information or photos of themselves, friends, and family.

Through Cupidsreviews, you can place a link to your own web page, respond to other people's pages, or both.

Pages linked to this site have e-mail addresses so visitors can write participants directly. I contacted two in the United States (though there were several foreign sites) and they responded to my e-mail within a day. There was also a link to pen pal sites.

Matt, a graphic designer from Minneapolis, found friendship through the Internet.

"What is really funny is how many great people are out there," Matt said. "I have made several platonic relationships that have inspired me and given me a greater respect for the relationship between men and women."

Through a Yahoo chat room, Matt met an Austrailian woman and, after nearly a year of online communication, they arranged for simultaneous vacations in Australia last spring.

They had a great time, remain good friends, and correspond regularly.

To Date or Not to Date

Everyone I spoke to enthusiastically encouraged people to log on and start meeting people.

Apparently it works. Gilda and Hiro have a wedding date scheduled for this Valentine's Day. Sue and Barry will also tie the knot later this spring.

Tim and Ellis have been happily married for more than two years. She now works with Tim at his Internet business. Needless to say, only Queen was played at their wedding.

The couple also plans to visit 15 other Queen fans in England later this year.

"I have met more people online, people I would call true friends, than I have met collectively in the rest of my life," Tim said.

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